If you are a skilled worker, you may be eligible to migrate to Australia.

A skilled worker does not need to be an executive or professional, simply one who is suitably qualified or experienced to perform a particular line of work.

The Australian Government has identified certain occupations as suitable for skilled migration, and an applicant would have to demonstrate that they have the right combination of skills, qualifications and work experience for that particular occupation.

All applicants for skilled migration have to satisfy the Australian Points Test, which allocates points to applicants based on their skills, qualifications, work experience and other relevant criteria.

If you obtain the minimum score and satisfy the Australian Government’s other requirements, the Government may invite you to apply for a skilled visa.

Securing an invitation to apply is dependent on a number of technical factors, and how your visa application is prepared and presented is critical towards

You must also submit an application in the manner specified by the Department of Immigration, and obtain any associated approvals (discussed below). Please see below for an outline of the three key skilled migration pathways.

Skilled Independent Migration (Permanent Residence Visa)

This steam allows applicants to migrate to Australia permanently without the need for any independent sponsorship.

This is limited to a range of occupations that the Australian Government considers the most critical towards Australia’s present and future skill needs. These occupations include engineers, architects, lawyers, accountants, actuaries, construction managers, auditors, professional administrators, medical professionals and teachers*.

The points test allows the Australian Government to identify and select applicants who satisfy their threshold for suitable skills, qualifications and work experience they consider necessary to live and work in Australia.

As much as it is an application for approval under prescribed laws and criteria, this is effectively an application that should clarify your eligibility, highlight the strongest aspects of your skills/career and confirm your compliance with applicable legal criteria (of which there are many).

You must select the nominated occupation best compatible with your qualifications, your work experience and line of work. In order to confirm that you are suitably skilled/qualified to apply under your ‘nominated occupation’, you must first obtain suitable assessments from approved Australian authorities (this is a separate application process), and then obtain an invitation to apply direct from the Australian Government.

Depending on your particular circumstances and satisfaction of the applicable criteria, you can obtain either a permanent resident visa or a temporary visa (with full work, travel and study rights) with the ability to transition into permanent residence after 2 years – for more information click here).

The relevant occupations under which an application for Skilled (Independent) Migration can be lodged is subject to changes to the Skilled Occupation List which is periodically updated by the Australian Government.

Skilled-State Sponsored (Permanent Residence Visa)

As a vast country with seven States & territories (each with their own functioning system of governance and economy), there are certain occupations that will attract a state sponsorship.

This involves a separate application to an Australian State/Territory for selection under their local migration program. If endorsed by a State, this provides valuable support in terms of points towards the federal migration points test and enhances your opportunity to migrate to Australia, as well as receive support and assistance from the State in terms of relocation, resettlement and advice on local opportunities.

Each State and territory publish their own list of ‘occupations’ that they consider critical to their skill needs and economic interests. A State Sponsorship provides applicants with an extra 5 points towards the Australian Points Test.

Skilled Regional Visas

The 489 Visa Stream is ideal for visa applicants who fall 10 points short of the Australian Points Test.

In this instance, a Visa Applicant may obtain a further 10 points if sponsored by an Australian relative residing in a regional area specified by legislation (this option is applicable for certain occupations).

Furthermore, 10 points may alternatively be obtained by a Visa Applicant via a State Sponsorship for select occupations, based on the applicant’s willingness to commit to work and reside in a specified regional area.

The 489 Visa is a temporary four-year visa which allows you to live in the State or Territory from which the sponsorship originates, and applicants can transition into the Permanent Resident Stream (887 visa) if they have lived and worked in the relevant territory for a period of time as specified in the Migration Regulations/Australian Law.