Spouse, Parents & Other Family Members

De-facto partners and spouses of an Australian resident/Citizen are entitled to apply for migration to Australia via the partner visa pathway.

There are many spouse visa options (temporary and permanent), and depending on the relevant circumstances, there may be additional criteria to satisfy the Department of Immigration (i.e. genuineness of relationship, residence criteria).

For parents of an Australian Citizen/Residence, there are a range of options if 50% or more of their children hold permanent residence/Citizenship status. This includes the streamlined parent-visa pathway which allows parents to expedite the processing of their application based on payment of a standard parent visa fee (for 2 parents) of $ 87,530.00* to the Department of Immigration.

If you are the only remaining family member, you may be entitled to migrate under the Last Remaining Relative pathway.

The Australian Government has recently re-opened the Carer Visa and Last Remaining Relative visa pathways. The Last Remaining Relative pathway is open for all applicants who are the last remaining (direct) family member of an Australian family unit living outside Australia.

Under the carer visa stream, an applicant may be eligible to migrate to Australia if they have a relative who has a designated medical condition requiring a certain level of care and attention.

Both Carer Visas and Last Remaining Relative Visas may be subject to extended processing times by the Department of Immigration.

"This figure is specified via legislative instrument and is subject to change”