As a Migration Agent;

We recommend that you visit the OMARA website at for important information to assist you in understanding your Migration Agents legal responsibilities to you. Specifically, this web page contains information on:

  • The Code of Conduct; The Code of Conduct for registered migration agents is set out in legislation to regulate the conduct of registered migration agents and prescribes their obligations towards clients.

  • The Code of Conduct; The Ethical Framework. The Ethical framework provides further information with respect to ethical issues and guidelines.

  • The Code of Conduct; Occupational Competency Standards. These standards provide broad guidance on what a Migration Agent needs to do in order to practice successfully as a registered migration agent.

  • Client relationships; There are links to guidance as to what is expected with regard to management of client relationships by Migration Agents, including complaints and handling client monies.

As an Australian Lawyer;

Our In-house Australian Lawyer was admitted in the State of Victoria as an Australian Lawyer, and is by virtue of appointment an Officer of the Supreme Court of Victoria.

An Admitted Lawyer is held to the highest standards of professional and ethical conduct, regardless of whether they engage in practice as an Australian Legal Practitioner or in any other professional capacity. While this involves a wide and comprehensive overarching net, an Australian Lawyer is duty-bound to exercise the utmost care and restraint in regards to the following;

  • Client confidentiality

  • Careful management and handling of client monies

  • Avoiding conflicts of interests and matters that contradict our professional ethics and responsibilities

  • Representing clients with the utmost honesty

  • Ensuring a high level of care and due diligence with regard to client matters

  • Protecting client interests