In recognition of the particular skills, innovative mindset and tenacity associated with successful business owners, entrepreneurs and investors; the Australian Immigration program has a specific Innovation Points Test to identify those with significant potential and the ability to contribute towards aggressive growth in the economy, lend a particular brand of expertise to the market, bring in overseas capital and assist in developing profitable trade links with untapped markets.

There are several migration pathways available under the business skills stream, and you may be eligible based on your particular business/investment management experience, qualifications, capacity for innovation and your financial capacity to make a significant investment in Australia.

These pathways allow successful business owners, entrepreneurs and investors to obtain a temporary four year visa to Australia (an applicant can submit a transition application for permanent residence via the transition stream within 2 years if they satisfy certain pre-requisite criteria).

The following net worth threshold's apply for the respective business skills visas;

  • For applicants applying under the business owner stream; The net business and personal assets of the applicant, the applicant's partner and/or their collective net worth should be at least equivalent to $ 800,000.00 AUD and available for transfer to Australia within 2 years of visa grant

  • For applicants applying under the investor stream, the net business and personal assets of the applicant, the applicant's partner and/or their collective net worth should be equivalent to at least $ 1,500,000.00 AUD

Applicants migrating via the business owner stream or the investor stream must obtain at least 65 points under the Australian Innovation Points Test, and there is an upper age limit of 55 years for the primary applicant unless they obtain a special endorsement from the sponsoring state or territory.

However, the significant investor stream and premium investor stream completely bypasses the age and points test requirements. Significant investment visa applicants must invest a minimum of $5,000,000.00 AUD in complying investments (specified by the Australian Government as appropriate for this pathway) for a period of four years in order to be eligible for a Permanent Residence Visa. They are awarded a four year temporary visa to allow unimpeded access to Australia with full work/study rights.

The premium investor visa stream will allow entrepreneurs who can invest $ 15,000,000.00 AUD in complying investments to live, work and manage their investment in Australia, and such applicants are required to maintain their investment for a minimum of 12 months before being eligible to transition their visa into permanent residence.

Noting the complexity associated with business skills migration applications, we recommend that clients contact us direct to organise an appointment and discuss the suitability of available business options, in line with their particular needs and circumstances.